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How a LightWorker can pay for itself and/or generate revenue...
... while helping create an air of safety, confidence... and class.

Vending Model - Set it up in a few minutes, promote it at your studio, and let the PayRange app handle all use fees and payments.  We support you every step of the way, and you get a check every month for 25% of the revenue. With 25 uses per day, you recover 100% of your placement fee in 5 months, and make $2K-4K each year.

Lease/Buy Models - With these models, the LightWorker auto-magically turns on every time a mat is fed into it - making use frictionless, easy and even fun for your students.  Add a $1 "UV Sanitizing Fee" to your rental mats and hand them out with confidence that they are free of bacteria, viruses and fungus. Collect a $1-$2 per-use fee at the front desk, and add a $5 monthly unlimited use pass for your regulars.  Do the math for your studio to see what's realistic - but you should be able to easily generate over $6K-7K per year.


$6,000 ($4,999 - sale)
One time purchase fee
You own the machine

Monetize as you please

Revenue Opportunity = Yes

Own Machine = Yes

PayRange App = No

Warranty - 1 year

Perfect for: Busy and/or high-end studios who don't mind handling use fees.


$500 down - $199 mo

Own after 40 payments
Affordable - Simple
Monetize as you please

Revenue Opportunity = Yes

Own Machine = Eventually

PayRange App = No

Warranty = 2 years

Perfect for: Small to medium to studios who want an easy, affordable option.


$1,250 Placement Fee
25% Revenue back to you
Plug & Play way to start & generate revenue

Revenue Opportunity = Yes

Own Machine = No

PayRange App = Yes

Warranty = 2 years

Perfect for: Medium to busy studios who don't want to handle use fees.

Mounting & Dimensions

LightWorker Dimensions  

Depth = 7",  Width = 35 1/2", Height = 18 1/2" with feed bar (machine height = 9 3/4")

Weight = 34 lbs.

Wall Mounting

Ships with wall mount bracket.  Bracket attaches to most walls with three screws.



Rack Mounting:

Free-standing custom rack available for $149.

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