Origin Story
...from Matsana to LightWorker
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John Burnaby invented the Matsana UV Mat Sanitizer (now known as the LightWorker) in 2009.  Inspired by his yogini wife, Laurie, John became aware of the inconvenience & difficulty of eliminating bacteria from yoga mats and... being a guy who built houses, fine furniture, experimental aircraft, and could fix anything... the idea for Matsana was born. Ahead of his time, and a full decade before a pandemic shook the world, John became an expert on how bacteria and viruses collect on yoga mats, and the effectiveness of UV-C light in getting rid of them.

Laurie Burnaby, Matsana Co-founder, has been a certified yoga teacher for close to two decades and has been practicing for over a quarter century. She studied Ashtanga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and taught that form for nine years. Her strong affinity for design, color, and her warm and playful nature were evident in Matsana’s original logo and colors. She also served as the get-it-done “Organizer-in-Chief” at Matsana.

John exhaled his final breath with Laurie by his side on April 29, 2021, and will be deeply missed.


Before passing on, John passed the Matsana torch on to customer Derek Spurlock, who, along with wife Melissa, held a vision of placing John's machine in every studio. It was Derek who connected with Blake Beltram, who subsequently brought in fellow industry pioneer Peter Sterios.


Regardless of evolution in name, brand or design, the UV mat sanitizer will forever be imbued with John's inventive spirit, and Laurie remains part owner of the new company today.

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John invents world's first UV Mat Sanitizer, Co-founds Matsana with wife Laurie.

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Derek Spurlock buys wife Melissa a machine, and the seed for a bigger vision is planted.

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Industry pioneers Blake Beltram & Peter Sterios join in. The LightWorker is born.