The LightWorker generates revenue for your studio.

The LightWorker is a UV vending machine - the world's first as far as we know!  Students utilize a simple-to-use vending app, and pay $1-2 per sanitization.  We share a portion of this vending fee with you, so instead of you sending us a check every month... we send you a check.

We see this as a win-win-win model for the yoga industry.

It's good for your community, as it helps with immunity.

It's good for your business, because individuals that
feel safe show up more and practice more.

It's good for the industry, because of our Give-Back Model


LightWorker - Industry Give-Back Model

Borrowing from corporate social responsibility models like Toms Shoes, LightWorker will set aside a percentage of every scan to give back to the yoga industry in meaningful ways:


* scholarships for students to practice at their local studio

* scholarships for aspiring teachers to attend certification training

* scholarships to worldwide yoga retreats

* yoga mats, props & accessories

* grants for entrepreneurs to open studios in underserved areas