The world's first UV Mat Sanitizer
And possibly the world's first UV vending machine!


thriving yoga studios


bacteria-laden, gross, smelly, funky yoga mats


want to ensure immunity for their community

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Yoga at Home

Lightworker UV is here to help yoga businesses rebound after a very challenging 2020.  Led by two industry veteran entrepreneurs, we've taken a time-tested UV mat sanitizing machine (by Matsana), updated it for 2021, and will release an all new, re-designed version of the machine in July. The new machine is called - "The LightWorker"  

Be one of the first studios in the world to offer The LightWorker to your community -- not just to sanitize mats, but to help bring a feeling of safety and comfort to your community.

And we know all about the ever-growing list of costs you incur and how stressful the bottom line can be... so instead of you sending us a check every month, how about if we send you one?

The LightWorker is essentially a UV "vending machine" that your community interacts with directly, and every time a mat passes through to kill viruses, bacteria, fungus, odor and funk... you share in the revenue.

Machine supply is limited - so Pre-order a LightWorker now, and be on the leading edge of the comeback.